A Nomads' Notes

Summer. My least enjoyable season by far. The last few weeks being nearly unbearable, I constantly find myself mentally wandering to the days of the fall. The cool crisp air penetrating my lungs and face. The trees, set hues of blaze, crimson, and fire. The skies above more blue, and lakes below roar with fury as the waves come crashing on the shores. Just as my mind continues astray to the far off days of winter, I am yanked back to the searing reality of summer, atop a towering ladder. Burned by the exposure, the only cover being my ball cap.

     The past week, here in the Northland, has been hot. No doubt about that. Highs of 89°F with a heat and humidity index reaching an average height of 96°F. I hate the heat. Well, I take that back. I enjoyed it in Utah. The humidity is what captures, and obliterates my ability to enjoy the warmth. Heat almost acts as a motivator, "How can I complete this work order, while minimizing my exposure?" The same can be said for the d…


Time. Time is a word that can be synonymous with any aspect of our lives today. Time is the ultimate dictator of everything, no matter what you do, how hard you work, or how fast you run, no one can out run time. In a career field where your very success depends on this factor, you look for every short cut, every angle and every method that you can. It's days when you don't focus so much on how much time you spend on each job that you manage to preform more work in a shorter amount of time.

     Full circle, back to time. Time becoming so desperately precious, and diminishing so quickly. Even now just thinking about it, what else could I being doing with the time it takes me to write, edit and publish this post? Speaking with pure, unadulterated honesty, I'd be in the forest. The only sounds I would hear are crickets echoing off the water, birds chirping, and the trees whispering in the wind. It penetrates every fiber of my being every time I shut my eyes.

     With …


The past two months have been overflowing with work. For myself personally, I love to work. For obvious reasons I need to work as most people do.

     I grew up working, starting when I was 8 years old I was cutting wood and snow blowing the driveway. My father travelled for work so while he was on the road, I was the stand-in father, and developed a work ethic similar to his.

     Last month, my GM called me needing volunteers to work Easter Sunday, which I happily accepted and then volunteered to work six day work weeks. I never complain, or shy away from the drive time to each job location or how much work that I have to complete each day.

     Working as hard as I have for so long and not really knowing why, parting ways with friends because they become frustrated that I work this much and don't want to do much on my day off besides lay around all day and spend time with my family. Now a couple days ago I asked my dad about this and he gave me this...

     "You work…

A Nomads Friend

In June of 2016 my Dad bought a 2012 Ram Power Wagon with eighty nine thousand miles on the stock 5.7 liter Hemi engine. Originally purchased for work on and around the ranch. We used it to haul hay, feed for the hogs, sheep and cattle, lumber, bricks, if you can name it, chances are that we hauled It. While also bringing it camping, hunting and hiking, family outings, groceries, over landing and so forth. Mom, Dad, My younger sister and brother, and myself road around in that truck for thousands upon thousands of miles, and countless memories that I will talk about for a lifetime.

     Summer came in the following year and we used it to haul our furniture and belongings back to our property in Minnesota.  The truck towed a 16 foot trailer packed to it's limit and preformed just fine. On the third trip up, my old man picked up a 2013 Ram Power Wagon and I bought the old one from him for the remainder left owed. And it's been that way ever since.

     In the half year tha…

Road Weary

I started a new job at the beginning of January, as a tech, for a contractor that preforms installs for DirecTV and AT&T. As a tech, I drive to the job site and can see multiple jobs a day with sometimes an hour drive between jobs.

     My favorite part of this new job, is the drive itself. I've always loved driving, since I was a boy and my dad would take me for drives and occasionally let me drive the family Cherokee. I drove from Utah back to Minnesota in the pick up my father had handed down to me. That was about the time I developed what I've been calling "Road Trance" and  began looking for any excuse I could to just hit the road, any reason at all and there I went. Sometimes bordering on immaturity and irresponsibility.

     When I drive now, be it the work truck, or my truck, I get sucked into the road and I see nothing else, no emotion, no problems, there's nothing but the road and myself. Cars, animals, buildings, people, it all appears grey to…

The Mall Survival Guide

The Holidays have come and gone. Bringing joy to many, children are happier than they will be until, well, next Christmas. Recently, my older sister dragged me out to the city to get presents for the family. Now I don't know about you, but I hate going to town. Chances are if I have to buy anything that's not edible, I can get it from Amazon. But, alas, I went anyway, while at the mall in a Barnes & Noble store, I happened upon a couple survival guides, from urban and wilderness guides to desert and ocean guides.

     Then the thought came to me....."Why is there no mall survival guide? Especially when there's holidays like Black Friday?" My mind began to race with Ideas, tips and tricks on how to survive Sam's Club when about ninety people have to stop at the free sample stands because they're gonna starve to death between isles four and seven, or at the mall when people just abruptly stop in the middle of a walk way to take the proverbial "…

Dreams about the West, Mother, Father and Family

I haven't written anything in awhile and I'm sorry about that. I hit a wall when it came to writing, and not because I didn't know what to write about, with rabbit snaring, winter camping, fresh blankets of snow, a book even, and believe it or not a mall survival guide (which is still coming).

     It's because of some things that happened this year. Many of you who are closest to me know that on June 25th of this year, my mother passed away from a heart attack. She was just 47 years old. My family and I moved back East to Minnesota to be where our happiest memories of her are. She loved it here, she loved to watch the birds at the feeders she set out for them. Now whenever I go to write I'm hit by these thoughts and feelings and suddenly everything shuts down and I can't write anything. When I lay down to go to sleep every night, It's like I'm right back in the hospital and I relive everything that happened that night. It is only after doing this …