Hazard 4 Second Front pack

     I've used the Hazard 4 Second Front pack for a few months now. I started using it around mid June just a few weeks before I moved back to Minnesota from Utah. In the time frame that I've used it, its been in hotels, the truck, the woods and just day to day use.

      Hazard 4 offers some incredibly durable stitching, not once did I fear of a zipper breaking loose, or MOLLE webbing ripping. The straps and belt are comfortable though I found myself wishing they were a but wider.  The Pack itself is not water proof but I found that it's water resistant for a short period of time in the rain. All around the build quality of the pack is great!

     The MOLLE webbing layout on the front of the pack is a bit awkward and I'm still not sure as to why Hazard 4 built it this way. As opposed to traditional webbing which is stitched horizontally, this pack runs vertically, meaning that any MOLLE attachable gear runs sideways as shown below. Really it's not a big deal, just different.

     The interior of the pack is spacious enough for a day pack, E.D.C. or car bag. I usually put three days of clothes along with my laptop, charger and phone charger in the pack along with the usual W.A.I.F.E system. There's three compartments, a smaller panel on the front which contains compartments for smaller items along with a transparent pouch for a map. The main compartment holds larger items such as clothes, laptop, or other gear. The third compartment is a flat section designed to hold soft body armor.

The front panel 

Sawyer Squeeze

The Main Compartment

The Rear flat with a sheet of Kevlar
     The pack itself is great all around, but with good quality comes price. They typically run for $130. Which is quite a bit for a back pack but a wise man once told me, "Buy once cry once." I feel it's worth it, yes there are better packs out there from companies like Maxpedition, Kelty, Kifaru and many others. So I encourage you to do more research and find the pack that works best for you and your needs, and as always, good luck and stay safe out there!


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