Why I am choosing to write......

     I've bounced around the idea of starting a wilderness related blog for almost two years now. I love the outdoors more than I can really put into words, from hunting and fishing, to canoeing and hiking, to literally just sitting at the base of trees reading. As a boy it really gave me my sense of belonging, spending everyday after school and my summers running around the north country, both alone and with my father. My father was the one who really instilled my love of the outdoors as he spent many of his days after work in the woods doing all sorts of things, and I followed like most boys who are curious of "What is dad doing today?"
     From there the wilderness became part of who I was. I went there for a better understanding of who I was and more often than not I would find the answers to questions that I had been asking myself every single day. I would tell many people about some of my adventures and eventually flocked to social media to tell people of my experiences and encouraging anyone that I could to "Go outside" but found it wasn't what I was after. Which leads me here where I can reach more people because as generations pass, Americas' youth are spending less and less time outside and more time on the game box or phone and all other attention sucking devices out there today.

     The reasons I have for not starting sooner are vast, one being my own maturity level, and another being that it seemed contradictory to write about what i'm doing so someone else can read it on a computer or a phone which is exactly what I believe the world needs less of. As for my maturity, I just wasn't ready, I still may not be ready, I don't know but I'm hoping you'll join me and grab your own notebook and record all of your journey's, whenever and wherever they may be.

Good luck, and stay safe out there!


  1. Not too shabby Riley. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

  2. I love this! Now I can get to know my grandson better! GOOD LUCK!


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