A Nomads Friend

     In June of 2016 my Dad bought a 2012 Ram Power Wagon with eighty nine thousand miles on the stock 5.7 liter Hemi engine. Originally purchased for work on and around the ranch. We used it to haul hay, feed for the hogs, sheep and cattle, lumber, bricks, if you can name it, chances are that we hauled It. While also bringing it camping, hunting and hiking, family outings, groceries, over landing and so forth. Mom, Dad, My younger sister and brother, and myself road around in that truck for thousands upon thousands of miles, and countless memories that I will talk about for a lifetime.

     Summer came in the following year and we used it to haul our furniture and belongings back to our property in Minnesota.  The truck towed a 16 foot trailer packed to it's limit and preformed just fine. On the third trip up, my old man picked up a 2013 Ram Power Wagon and I bought the old one from him for the remainder left owed. And it's been that way ever since.

     In the half year that it's been in my possession, I've put nearly ten thousand miles on the truck, and have absolutely fallen in love with it. Wagon, as I've come to call it, has been my best friend of sorts. Carrying me and keeping me safe during blizzards, rain, sleet, and mud. With a front and rear locking differential and an electronic sway bar disconnect, best in class approach and departure angles, beating the likes of the Toyota Tacoma TRD pro and current king, Ford Raptor, it really can take you places that no other vehicle can.

     A vehicle that plays on a level playing field to a Power Wagon is the Wrangler Rubicon from Jeep. Sharing many of the same features in regards to off road capability, the power wagon being somewhat of a long lost cousin, 3/4 ton with a truck bed version of the Rubicon.

     It was thanks to my old man that I have this truck that I love so dearly, and drive so much when in all reality, I don't need to drive as much as I do. I take good care of this vehicle, as my father did before me. Though taking it places most wouldn't even dare take such a nice truck. The Power Wagon was born out of the fires of World War Two and adopted for civilian use, mine in particular was a Canadian oil truck, spending most of its life there before making it's way to Utah.

     This truck has been my companion, go-getter, hauler and friend since it became mine. I'm never all that concerned with what obstacles lay on the long stretch of road before me, because I know that with the gift of what my father has taught me and my trusty companion by my side, I can handle it.

     Keep your wits about you, Good Luck and Stay Safe out there!


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