Time. Time is a word that can be synonymous with any aspect of our lives today. Time is the ultimate dictator of everything, no matter what you do, how hard you work, or how fast you run, no one can out run time. In a career field where your very success depends on this factor, you look for every short cut, every angle and every method that you can. It's days when you don't focus so much on how much time you spend on each job that you manage to preform more work in a shorter amount of time.

     Full circle, back to time. Time becoming so desperately precious, and diminishing so quickly. Even now just thinking about it, what else could I being doing with the time it takes me to write, edit and publish this post? Speaking with pure, unadulterated honesty, I'd be in the forest. The only sounds I would hear are crickets echoing off the water, birds chirping, and the trees whispering in the wind. It penetrates every fiber of my being every time I shut my eyes.

     With a six-day work week, I don't have much time to be out in the land that, maybe, time does not command. Untouched by man and man's creation. I take the time to savor the moments of driving down old dirt roads, as it commands a special place in my heart, and are as close as I can get. Though I may not have much time to get out anymore, everything that I am belongs in this wilderness of Northern Minnesota.

Good luck and stay safe out there!



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