A Nomads' Notes

     Summer. My least enjoyable season by far. The last few weeks being nearly unbearable, I constantly find myself mentally wandering to the days of the fall. The cool crisp air penetrating my lungs and face. The trees, set hues of blaze, crimson, and fire. The skies above more blue, and lakes below roar with fury as the waves come crashing on the shores. Just as my mind continues astray to the far off days of winter, I am yanked back to the searing reality of summer, atop a towering ladder. Burned by the exposure, the only cover being my ball cap.

     The past week, here in the Northland, has been hot. No doubt about that. Highs of 89°F with a heat and humidity index reaching an average height of 96°F. I hate the heat. Well, I take that back. I enjoyed it in Utah. The humidity is what captures, and obliterates my ability to enjoy the warmth. Heat almost acts as a motivator, "How can I complete this work order, while minimizing my exposure?" The same can be said for the depths of winter, taking that into consideration, winter exposure can be minimized via application of layers and basic commonsense.

The fall, is when I am at what I feel is my most content state of mind. I can better write, troubleshoot, and can plan more decisively. I have more time to dedicate to the pursuit of wild game, to camp, to live. I can better draft, with pen and paper, and transfer these simple notes, to only what I can hope to be a more confounding, and thought provoking piece of literature. Notes that start as just a gaze at stunning vistas of explosive color, that turn to thoughts which later turn to action. With summer, with only seas of green, light green and dark green, no inspiration comes from that. Not for me at least.

    A new excitement comes this year. My youngest sibling, Caiden, is old enough to hit the wilderness with my father and I. Even beyond that, a new friend, one that seems to be on the same level as me when it comes to adventure. She wishes to camp and to explore, to learn and to live. She wishes to share the experiences with me and for that, I am most thankful. As we creep closer to fall, and work and tourism grind to a crawl, I will be speeding up.

     Thank you for taking the time to read my notes. Good luck and stay safe out there!



  1. I love this. I love fall and I can't frickin wait to enjoy it with my two best friends


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